Estancia La Criolla


Estancia la Criolla has become one of the most desirable wing shooting destinations in the world. Built in the 1910’s by the British, the lodge was designed by the famous architect Alejandro Bustillo. Bustillo also designed significant Argentinean buildings such as the National Bank, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the international hotel Llao Llao.

Estancia la Criolla is located in the Sante Fe province of  Argentina.  The ranch consists of 10,000 private acres and over 25,000 leased acres.  The property is situated in some of the best bird hunting in the world. The area is known for giving hunters the opportunity to combine extraordinary dove hunting with duck huntingperdiz huntingfishing and big game hunting without the need to change areas or lodges.

The lodge is operated by the owner and fully licensed by the provincial and federal authorities as a hunting lodge.

“Thank you so much for a great week. The dove hunting was fantastic and so close to the estancia. The food and service were extremely good. We thoroughly enjoyed being at your home!
-Dennis Anderson, Los Angeles, CA



Respecting the original style, Estancia la Criolla was recently renovated to offer modern amenities. Combining the charm of a traditional estancia with amenities that any discerning hunter or their significant other will appreciate.  Amenities include…

  • Eight double bedrooms with a private bathroom and daily maid service that includes laundry.
  • Wireless Internet in the lodge.
  • Tennis Court.
  • Golf driving range.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Jacuzzi.
  • Fully stocked gun library – Benelli and Beretta; o/u and semi-auto; 410, 20 and 12 gauge
  • Comfortable modern vehicles
  • In close proximity to dove, duck and partridge hunting as well as fishing and big game hunting
  • Pigeon Ring (or box bird shooting)
  • Airplane landing strip
  • A first class staff
  • Fully Stocked private bar and wine selection
  • Over 35,000 acres of privately owned and leased land
  • Fully licensed hunting lodge by province and federal authorities