Hog and Predator Hunting

We have added Down Range Thermal to our bag of tricks when it comes to hunting hogs and predators.  The Thermal Scopes make it great to hunt all night long.  We have two .308 rifles that can be rented for $300 each for your hunt.  Contact Us for details.

http://www.downrangethermal.com – Contact is Daniel Dover at down range thermal and tell him COA sent you.

One thing that is becoming more and more popular is hog and predator hunting.  We have the best of both.  We can set up a do it yourself hunt that includes lodging or put together an all inclusive hunt with five star accommodations.  When you go on a hunt with COA Outfitters we will be taking you to a ranch that is set up for this type of hunting.  We know there are tons of hunts out there that are budget hunts or free do it yourself hunts.  What we do different is make sure that you are set way ahead of time with the blinds and feeders that draw the hogs.  When it comes to our predator hunting we know the importance of giving a place some rest before you hammer the dogs and cats.  Predator calling to frequent tends to educate the critters and we want you to be successful on your trip.  Hog and predator hunting can be done year round, but as we hit the summer months we do the bulk of our hunting at night.  We tend to sleep in the morning and hunt the evenings in to the early parts of the morning.  We do this with feeder lights, spotlights were possible and infrared.  Give us a call to book your next hog or predator hunt.



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