Hunting Rates

COA Outfitter Services

COA has the best hunts to offer all over Texas, the United States and Globally. All of our hunts are all inclusive hunts with meals, guides, and lodging.

Our prices start at a particular number and based upon the ranch and the type of experience you are looking for we tailor the package to fit the individual, or a group.

We have traditional hunting camps up to five star lodging. We can let you bring your own food or we can provide a chef. We want to build your experience, based on your expectations and make sure we achieve the common goals.

We are based in Texas and have hunts for all native game and exotic game animals. We also offer fishing adventures on the lakes and the coast. Whatever animal or fish you may want to pursue we can help get you on a great adventure.

We have been hunting all over the United States and the World. So we have relationships with outfitters that can get you on your next adventure.

Outfitted Hunts

After 14 years of running successful hunts for our clients we are now expanding our activities to the best places in the United States and around the World.

Outfitted Hunts


  • Axis Deer start at $2,500
  • American Bison start at $3,000
  • Blackbuck start at $2,500
  • Fallow start at $3,000
  • Red Stag start at $4,500
  • Sika Deer start at $2,500
  • Dybowski Sika Deer – Call for Pricing
  • Scimitar Oryx – $3,500
  • Aoudad Sheep start at $2,500
  • Catalina Goat start at $1,250
  • Corsican Sheep start at $1,250
  • Four Horned Sheep start at $1,500
  • Mouflan Sheep start at $2,950
  • Hawaiian Black Sheep start at $1,500
  • Texas Dall Sheep start at $1,500
  • Red Sheep start at $4,500
  • Addax Antelope start at $4,500
  • Common Lechwe start at $4,950
  • Bongo Antelope – call for pricing
  • Dama Gazelle start at $7,950
  • Eland Antelope start at $6,000
  • Gemsbok start at $5,900
  • Kudu start at $15,000
  • Pere David Deer start at $5,900
  • Sable start at $10,000
  • Yak start at $3,000
  • Markhor start at $13,900
  • Nilgai Antelope start at $3,500
  • Nubian Ibex start at $8,500
  • Waterbuck start at $6,950
  • Water Buffalo start at $2,950
  • Wildebeest start at $6,500
  • Zebra start at $4,950

Whitetail Hunts

  • Trophy Whitetails start at $3,000
  • Management Whitetails start at $1,500
  • Cull and Doe Whitetails start at $500

Hogs, Turkeys, Dove, and Quail

  • Turkeys start at $950
  • Hogs start at $200 a day.
  • Dove start at $75
  • Quail start at $250 a day.

Bears, Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer and Couse Deer

  • Elk start at $7,000
  • Coues Deer start at $6,000
  • Mule Deer start at $3,500
  • Antelope start at $3,500
  • Black Bears start at $5,500

The clothing for our adventures is determined on the location and time of year you will be joining us. As we get closer to your event date, we will get you all the pertinent information such as closest city, weather forecast, clothing ideas, etc..